Like every season the brands bombard us with thousands of new items that attempt to be the new must-haves of the season. Most of them aren’t thought to last and that’s why it is really important to single them out in order not to buy an item that you are not going to wear in a couple of months.

As a rule of thumb, ALWAYS that I buy a new trendy item has to match my style and also, I need to be 100% sure that I’m going to wear them over the years.

I would like to share with you some of the season’s trends that I personally think everyone can adapt to their own style. On this particular blog post I want to talk about a huge one which is now all over the place: chunky boots

This trend has started last winter and it is here to last.

Prada started the trend with its worldwide famous boot with the detachable nylon pocket on both sides. Followed by Bottega Veneta and other luxury brands.

There are a ton of different designs out in the market, even a more classic designs, if you find those chunky options too much for you.

If you prefer to invest your money in a luxury brand I recommend you the followings:

Prada and Bottega Veneta. They have started the trend with their famous designs and I think that at this point there’s nobody in the world who loves fashion and doesn’t know about their boots. The biggest difference between them would be that the Prada’s has shoelaces and Bottega’s is more similar to a Chelsea boot, which means they have no laces. I personally think that Prada has nailed it by adding the two detachable pockets on each boot. This season was also launched a nylon version which is not particularly my cup of tea, but they look stunning.

Bottega has also a more colourful version this season for those who love a pop of colour.

Church’s, the well-known English brand that was bought for Prada many years ago, is an easy choice. The quality of its shoes is amazing and they are specialists in making timeless boots. Classic, elegant, timeless… simply perfect.

Tod’s is another good example of useful timeless comfortable pieces. Like Church’s, their prices are not the most affordable ones, but their quality is also really good.

Furthermore, I want to remark a must-have for me in winter, that actually Tod’s makes really well: the rubber soles. I have to confess that in winter I always tend to look for shoes with that kind of sole and I find them the perfect shoe option for the coldest months of the year, even for a rainy day.

If you don’t want to spend your money on these expensive luxury pieces, don’t worry, here I give you some similar affordable options from streetwear brands.

Zara, Mango…. The iconic streetwear brands have, as always, a huge assortment of dupes and similar models for a better price if you are not able to spend a lot of money. They offer a big variety of designs made of leather or not, depending on your particular preferences for a more affordable price if you want to buy something that you know you are going to wear only during a season.

I would like to make a special mention of one of my favourite brands in terms of boots, which is Dr. Martens. These made in England boots were worn from the 70’s up until today and they are for me the perfect choice if you are looking for timeless shoes that follow also this trend.

Last but not least, I would like to give you a piece of advice in case you are thinking of buying them and your preference is leather. Some of the models made of leather are ussually quite stiff until you use them a couple of times. If you have delicate feet like me I recommend you to look for the perfect fit for you instead of the trend and be patient, the leather is a natural product and is a matter of time that becomes softer and more comfortable.

Do you like this particular one?