We are starting June and that can only mean a thing, Sales are about to come. I know how difficult could be to resist the temptation to buy things that you don´t really need. That´s why, in order to help you to buy smart, I want to share with you a couple of tips that can help you.

Buy only what you need

From my personal experience, you are only going to be able to know what your need, if you really know what is in your closet and the best way to know it is doing a clear-out, as I recommended before. Then you are ready! This is a good occasion to replace all kind of basics: T-shirts, cardigans, sweaters and for sure, underwear.

sales basis T-shirts

Do not buy randomly

It is really important to be conscious what we are going to buy and what is not essential. A good way to manage this is to write a list. I would like to write two different columns, one with the items that I really need and the other with the items that I only want to buy if I get a good deal for them. Don´t forget to avoid buying something only because have a good price or reduction, if you don´t really need it.



At this stage everybody has heard about Shoptagr. This amazing app can help you not only to save the items that you have interest in, but also you are going to

receive a notification if the items are in sale or back in stock. You have access also to many special Sales and get coupons to you in the multiple shops that are affiliate to Shoptagr. And the most important thing is that you can save all items in different lists that you can create in order to be prepared before Sales.

Indulge yourself

I know that I’ve started this post telling you that you shouldn’t buy something that you don´t need, but what would life be without whims. That is also why if you want to indulge some of those, this is the best time to do so as you have to purchase those items that are more special o different and most of the time, they don´t deserve to be paid full-price.

luxury shoes

I really hope you find these tips useful and helpful to don´t lose yourself in the many sales and discounts to come. Do you have any other tips?