Everybody knows that the Fashion Industry is one of the most important in the world and has thousands of different jobs behind. In these series of retail stories, I would like to share with you many of my personal experiences, always from my point of view and from many colleagues that I have met over the years.

Since I work in retail I have learned how a retail store works. I have experienced very different moments, from funny to awkward, and not only as a worker but also as a client. That is the reason why I want to share with you all these anecdotes, in order to let you know what is happening behind and how I value the shopping experience after that.

I really hope you enjoy read and take them only as a personal opinion and as a way of breaking some clichés that already exist about luxury retail. Let’s start!

First visit to a luxury a store

When we walk through the street plenty of luxury shops are very normal to be attracted to the beautiful windows. Sometimes they look like being taken from a fairytale and that fact discourages us from getting in. I really hope that knowing what is behind the scenes, I can persuade you to cross the door and visit the stores, even if you only want to see how nice they are decorated.

The first person you see in a luxury shop is this huge man suited in a black suit and who could be very intimidated. Their role is not only to greet people but also to avoid any robbery or protect the people just in case something wrong happens in the store.

Once you cross the door is quite possible that the second person you face will be a sales assistant. The main mission of a SA is to help us to find whatever we are looking for. It doesn´t matter if you are going to buy or just to take a look around, they should be always nice and polite.

To be honest, I know that is not always like this and I have seen colleagues who tend to judge customers depending on their appearance. But let me tell you something, you never know who can be a potential customer and that is why the brands put a lot of effort into trying to give the best service to every single person.

There are also other workers in a shop whose work is most likely unknown but not less important because they make the work of the sales assistants easier: the runners and the stock keepers.

The runners are the people who bring to the SA all that they need to give the customers the best service: items in different sizes, something to drink…. The stock keepers have also a really important task, which is to take care and control every item in the shop. Their good work makes the SA’s and runners work much better.

And last but not least, the cashier and the management team. Their tasks are fear<ly obvious. the first one is on the cashier and are the people that you pay for your purchase and the second once trie to manage the team and the Store but I don´t want to talk about deeply in this post.

I really hope you enjoy this post and share with me your stories!