Christmas time is gone two weeks ago and we have a whole year ahead. As every New Year (I am not an exception) I have many goals and plans that I would like to achieve during this 2020.

The first one is to go on with this blog. I’ve had the idea of having my own blog many years ago and I started it in 2019 but I hadn´t have enough motivation and I wasn´t too committed either. That is the reason why this year I will try to do my best and my biggest goal is to post every week. I really want to be more present and share all the things that I think you could find very interesting, like I do.

Another goal is to do a series of blog posts in which I want to show you how you can get your basic wardrobe. I’m already trying to get my own one and I’m going to share my tips also to adapt it to all kind of styles and budgets. It isn’t always easy to stop buying clothing that we really don’t need. They reduce our budget and we don’t realize that if avoid buying them and thus, saving that money, we can afford latter on something more suitable for us.

During the years I’ve being working in retail I have learnt a lot, not only from my colleagues but also from the customers. You cannot imagine how funny or sometimes, how overwhelmed could be to work for a luxury brand! All the anecdotes and experiences I’ve lived as an employee and also as a customer will be share in a series of posts and I hope they help you when you go shopping or maybe they can relax you while reading them seating in a comfortable sofa and drinking a tea/ coffee.

There are a lot of ideas runnig into my head and I want to have also an important place in the blog for such a random themes like: trendy pieces or collections, investment pieces, tips to buy and where, new brands/ designers …

As you can see this New Year could very productive and I’ll work hard to be here every single week. I want to invest my time writing post but also sharing with you everything by Instagram, which is one of the biggest improvements that I really need to do this 2020.

Have a really good start of this year!