Even when loving luxury things and fashion; I try to be more careful when I have to spend my money. When I was younger I used to spend my money on fast fashion and I had a lot of useless things that I decided to get rid of over the years.


I always loved to make my own manicure but a couple of years ago I wanted to try gel manicure. Bad idea! It has not only destroyed my nails but also it was really expensive.

I have to recognize it, my nails are soooo thin and maybe a gel manicure was not the best choice for me. Anyway, after a bad experience, I decided to do it again on my own.

I don’t use many products and I use nude or neutral shades in my every day one: a base coat, neutral colour and a topcoat. But I wear colour no longer than three days. I like to let my nails breathe at least two days. This is a good trick in order to avoid your nails getting yellow.


I learnt this lesson many years ago. I don’t like to go to the gym and it doesn’t matter how cheap the monthly payments are: if you don’t go it’s not worth the money.

If I want to practice some sport I prefer to use YouTube and watch a video and do it at home. You have thousands of channels for free to practice any sport: aerobics, cardio, yoga…

My personal favourite one is a yoga channel named: Yoga with Adriene. She is a Texan yoga teacher who has free yoga courses for every level. You can find on her website monthly calendars with YouTube videos of each lesson. Don’t miss up her channel and her lovely dog Benji.

In addition to this, I have only a couple of spot leggings and tops. I consider that for the amount of sport I practice they are more than enough.

Beauty products

In this field, I will go to include skincare products and make up.

I only have a whole treatment and only buy a new product when I finish an old one. My actual skin routine is composed of a cleanser, a toner, a serum, an eye cream, a moisturiser and an SPF. I use the same products for my day and night routine and every two or three weeks I use a mask.

We are always told that we need to use a lot of products in our daily routine, but if I have to be honest with you, I don’t find a huge difference when I use six products than when I use two (if they really work for my skin).

Skincare routine

I used to buy fluid foundations, eye shadows, mascaras and lipsticks that were used once or maybe never. Due to the fact that I have freckles, I don’t feel confident when I cover them up. For this reason, I prefer to use a powder foundation than a liquid one. I also have eye shadow pallets and a couple more things that I still resist getting rid of.

My biggest collection is the lipstick one. Some of them were gifted and some were bought, but I need to declutter soon. The same happens with my mascaras. I bought my favourite one and I also have some samples that were gifted too.

makeup collection

These are a good example of how you can start to save in small things that you really don´t need. On what kind of things you rather save your money?