Today I would like to talk about two big trends that have started in 2019 but they are still rockin’ on this early 2020. I will give you also a few more affordable options for those who don’t want to spend such amount of money on a trend or a hype.

To be more exact these items are accessories and they are really easy to adapt to any style and also a good option to include in your wardrobe and to invest in.

Multi Pochette bags

As you probably know these bags are one of the hugest trends this season on the Internet and Instagram. Their bigger advantage is that they are very versatile due to their smart design.

Louis Vuitton Multi-Pochette Accessoires

The first one (probably my favorite) is the Louis Vuitton Multi-Pochette Accessories. This bag is a mix of a small round purse, a pochette accessory, and a mini pochette. They come with a detachable strap and a chain. This small detail makes this bag perfect to play with. You can wear all of them together or separately.

Another big asset of the bag is the well-known monogram LV print. That makes the bag timeless and also more practical if, after the hype, you want to use the parts separately.

The second bag is also all around Instagram. There is no single influencer that doesn┬┤t have been gifted one. This is the PRADA Re-Edition 2005 Nylon shoulder bag.

PRADA Re-Edition 2005 Nylon Shoulder Bag

This bag has a big compartment and also a small purse, just like the LV one. It comes in many colors and it makes one of the most iconic materials of the brand: nylon.

This beauty is one of the most desired as the result of the successful advertising campaign this season. The first step was to invade Instagram with influencers wearing it, and teasing our desire. The second, and what makes the difference, is that you can solely find the bag in a PRADA Store. There is no possibility to buy it online. This small detail makes the bag more exclusive and difficult to catch.

In my personal opinion, PRADA has made a great job and has given us a good excuse to visit a store. In terms of design, this is a beautiful bag for all tastes due to the simple lines and the variety of colors available.

If you think that both bags are over your budget, here you have a couple of more affordable options from ZARA.

Combat Boots

This trend has begun at the end of summer 2019 and is one of my favorites in the case of shoes. That kind of boots is wearable not only with jeans and cargo pants but also they look really good with dresses and skirts.

The first design that I want to mention is from PRADA. The Monolith-Boots are the shoe version of the Re-Edition bag because of the two small detachable pockets. A very thick sole makes them not everyone’s cup of tea. I personally love them.

PRADA Monolith-Boots

The second one is the no shoelaces version from one of the brands of the moment: Bottega Veneta. A simple design with a thick rubber sole and elasticated side panels. just beautiful.

Bottega Veneta Boots

Dior has also one of my favorites ones and more decent for all of you that don’t like the thicker sole of the two first. I also love how they are combined on the website with tulle skirts.

Dior Ground Boots

Last but not least, I would like to mention an option from Louis Vuitton, but there are a lot of many out there. I like these particularly due to the monogram details and because they are another great option for the logo lovers.

Louis Vuitton Metropolis Ranger Boots

To finish this post I would like to give you also a couple of ZARA cheaper dupes.

These are my favorites, which are yours?