What to expect when you buy in a luxury shop

In the first post of this Luxury retail experience, I have to introduce you to the main people that you can find in a luxury store as well as an overview of their tasks.

In this second one, I would like to talk about the service and the experience you can expect. I am not going to talk about any particular brand because all of them have common aspects in their service and I want to focus on them.

The Greeting

One of the first things you have to hear is sincerely welcome. Sometimes it comes from the doorman, sometimes from a person in charge of it. I know, it could sound funny having a person opening the door and greeting every single person that comes in and out, but this small gesture is an important part of the whole luxury experience.

The first approach

The luxury experience is base on offer to the client not only a service but also an unforgettable experience. For this simple reason, you are going to have a sales assistant (SA) trying to help you, as soon as one is free. And I tell you as soon as they are free because nowadays some boutiques are really crowded and you have to wait if you are looking for help.

I have heard a lot of stories of people that they feel uncomfortable when a SA follows them all around the shop as if they want to steal something. But the fact is that this behavior has a reason behind: a SA has the responsibility to assist you through all the shopping process and doesn’t let you alone, in case you need something.

Shopping process

When you want to see something specific, the SA advises and explains to you more about the collection, the history behind the products and, sometimes, something about the heritage of the house. I really love to discover things that I don’t know about the products, the materials, the production, the history…

As part of the experience, drinks play also an important role to make you feel more comfortable or to celebrate a good purchase. Even if you don’t want to purchase anything it is a small detail that makes you feel involved in the experience.

If you decide to buy, you need to wait meanwhile the SA or a runner, packs it in beautiful packaging. Also, the receipt used to come in an envelope of the brand.

The farewell

Have you bought anything? Then the SA is going to accompany you to the door carrying out your bag and wishing you a good day.

I also like the fact, when they give you a name card with a contact number. If you’re interested in an item/ Brand I recommend you to find a SA that can help you to find what you need and to keep you updated about the new collections, events or sales.

I’m aware that not all the brands offer the same services and not all the SA give the same services, but the most important thing that the brands intend with all the “sell ceremony” is both, to sell stuff and, more importantly, to drive you through a luxury experience.